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DS (age 5) has always had dark circles under his eyes (for as long as I can remember anyway). Some times they are worse than other times, but are always darker than normal. He also has Keratosis Pilaris. It is worse in the winter when it is dry, but he has it on his face, arms, stomach, back.<br><br>
I don't know if this background will help any, but it may. He was a large baby, was in the 90-95% for height and weight until about age 1. Since, he has been in the 50% for both. He is one of the shortest in his class at school. It has only been since age 3 that I have really been working on living naturally (and am not completely there yet) so he was vaxed until age 2 1/2. He has not had any since then.<br><br>
Could he be allergic to something? I took him to a natural health doctor when he was 4 and he did some kinesiology (muscle testing). It showed that he was sensitive to our laundry soap (I have since started making my own), food dye (we have tried as best as we can to cut that is hard at school to keep it from him), peanut butter (organic peanut butter was okay). I know he is sensitive to smells so we are scent free at our house.<br><br>
I am wondering if it is possible that he is sensitive to wheat or something. Anyone else have any ideas or similar experiences? Any ideas would be very helpful. He seems to be sick a lot and I just want to get him healthy.
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