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could nursing make you constipated? warning: TMI

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Ever since my son was born 9 weeks ago I have been constipated. Actually, I'm not sure if you call it constipated...just really hard poop. Uh, sorry for the description. Anyway, I got a hemerroid and now it bleeds sometimes. Ugh. I drink plenty of water...about 64oz a day. I eat plenty of roughage. Is this just the way it is? Anyone else have this problem? Am I all dried up from nursing or something? And, how do you get a hemerroid to go away???

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i've had a problem with that too. i started taking a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement and it has helped a bunch
It is like I need more "bulk", not that I'm not regular enough. I've heard metamucil can help too.
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Are you still taking your prenatal vitamins? I had this problem too but once I dropped the prenatal (too much iron!) I was fine. I take a "woman vitamin" now instead - lots of calcium, magnesium, etc... and I take Tums as a supplement.
Yep. Drink more water. taking flax seed capsules cleared the problem up for me.
Hi Amy,

If you're drinking [only] 64 oz. of water a day, drink more--at least 32-64 oz. more. I second the flax seed recommendation. We eat it freshly ground, mixed with peanut butter and maple syrup. We call the concoction special peanut butter, and it really turned ds #1's chronic constipation around when he was about 18 months. We still eat it regularly. Under most circumstances, lots of water and lots of fiber will fix your hemmorrhiod. When I'm drinking enough and getting enough fiber, my stools [talk about tmi] are large and "fluffy" my beast descriptor for how they break apart in the toilet and are not dense...

My experience is that even if I think I am drinking enough & eating enough fiber intentionally increasing both changes my stools and works wonders on the hemmorhoids.

Good luck,
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