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could sinuses issues be hereditary? be prevented?

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this thought just happened upon when my uncle said today that sinus issues run in the family.

is it the size and shape of the sinuses? allergies? lack of vitamin A? digestive issues?

just some thoughts...anyone else have any?
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Just to put in my two cents.....Yes sinus issues can be hereditary - it has to do with anatomy and predisposition for allergic response in the tissues resulting in swelling. sort of a hyperactive response. Something as simple as using a normal saline spray can help some, but if the issue is with swelling, obviously you are bound to have SOME problems. But every little bit counts, right?
I guess it makes sense. My mum, brother and I have all had odd anatomy in our sinuses which predisposes us to infection. I had surgery at 13 to correct a 95% blockage - my mom and my bro also had surgery as well. Not sure I would make that same decision for myself today, but I've not had repeat sinus infections since then (before that, it was about every other month for several years).
I don't know but my mom and I both have awful sinus issues. My siblings do not, though.
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