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Could someone define "stinky" for me?

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I'm not sure if the smell of DD's diapers when wet is normal or not. They smell sort of like Fritos corn chips, salty-ish. Only the pee dipes. Should they not smell at all? Could it be her pee itself and not the diaper? The poos don't seem to smell.

I see a lot of talk of ammonia smell, but I don't know what that even smells like. Could someone explain?

Whatever this smell is, it doesn't smell like pee, and I guess that's why I'm confused. I'm using homemade detergent: washing soda, borax, and off brand Oxygen cleaner similar to OxyFree, so I don't think there's a possibility of soap/detergent buildup.
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Hmmm, Mama. Not sure about the Fritos smell! Moms will occasionally complain of a fishy smell, which is not normal. I don't know how to describe an ammonia smell by computer, but it can be knock-your-socks-off strong at times. Mild ammonia smell is normal because the urea in urine turns to ammonia over time. But when it gets strong for us, it's time to strip dipes.

Has the smell always been the same? If the corn chip smell is new for you, then it might be worth stripping the dipes. Here's a recent thread on stripping dipes:

Good luck!
Wet cat is the best way to describe detergent build up smell. Not sure about the fritos thing. If you ever get a smell strong enough that it bothers you then stripping is probably in order. I wouldn't worry about a faint smell.
I had that salty smell to my fitted cotton diapers, too. It came mostly at the end of a long spell, like night or nap time. I also thought it was weird, not super offensive but "off", and nothing like I had read about. So I went ahead and boiled them. It took about 15 minutes in a big lobster pot. I boiled the clean wet diapers in enough water to cover and did a follow-up water only rinse in the washer. I don't know if it's related, but that's when I stopped using oxy-clean free and the smell hasn't returned. Oh, and there were bubbles coming out of the dipes when I boiled which weren't there in the wash. Hope that helps!

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I'm not sure if the smell of DD's diapers when wet is normal or not. They smell sort of like Fritos corn chips, salty-ish.

I am right there with ya' ....fritos for me too, but it is not a strong smell more like a mild smell and since I am totally a freak about washing them properly and carefully I am chalking it up to normal!!We use BG dipes...
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Yay, I'm not the only one.

I'll try boiling some of them and see what that does for me. I'd hate to have to boil them all again already, I have a ton (5.5 doz[didn't mean to have so many]) and we're only 6 weeks into the game here..
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For me, a kind of "foody" smell is a sign that it's time to bleach. I use pocket diapers (FBs & BGs) and I use about 1/4 cup of bleach in a large load every 4 - 6 weeks. It has eliminated smell issues for me entirely, and it hasn't harmed the diapers.
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