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Could someone please help me stop obsessing...

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I am pregnant with my 7th pregnancy, 6th child,( I had a
missed abortion last November and a D&C following). I am not sure about my dates right now as after the MC my cycle was anywhere from 26 days to 40 days and I didn't write down the possible days of conception. I called my MW last week becuase I was almost 8weeks by dates from my LMP and I was not really nauseous , I have had Hyperemesis for every pregnancy and I was concerned that I might miscarry (I know that this is unlikely but I am prone to worry so I decided to lessen my stress and call for support).

I talked with my MW and she suggested that I have my hcg levels tested on Thursday of last week and Monday of this week. I had the blood draw Thursday and she called me on Friday, telling me that she was mystified why this would happen again and that the numbers were way too low... I know that she said they were 200 when they should be at least 20,000. I panicked and worried all weekend, researching in my books and on the net. I had another draw on Monday and she called me with the results yesterday, they were 5174, I was shocked and I asked her what the numbers were from last week as they had risen so much.... she looked them up and said 2392. She talked for a few minutes suggesting that I might look closer for a provider and that everything looked fine. I mentioned that I had looked over my claendar and that I was pretty sure that in light of the numbers I was only 5 weeks pregnant as I had a positive test on May21st, she said that she thought that I was 3 weeks pregnant now and that I should come in to the office in about 3-4 weeks to have an ultrasound to check dates.
The only way that I can get the dates to work with 3 weeks is if I were to get pregnant about a week after the positive test.... the only reason that I was concerned that everything might not be well was because I haven't been violently ill yet. Could I still be 7 or 8 weeks with those numbers or am I more likely to be closer to the MW dates?

Sorry that this post is so rambly, I am up with the very grumpy 2yo and I am tired!!!!
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