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Daycare has noted that DD2 (18 months) is scratching at her hands a lot. I haven't noticed that at home at all. There are never any red marks, rash, or excoriations on her hands when I've inspected them. I've asked that they record when this happens and what activity they just finished and are currently doing. I wanted to see if it was at mealtime or perhaps during art.

Now tonight at supper she was happily eating. I left the table to refill her milk glass. When I come back she is in tears, crying, biting at her hands, rubbing at her eyes. She had little marks on her hands she was biting at them so hard! She looked liked they were hurting her. I washed her off, picked her and consoled her. Next thing I know she is back in her chair eating again. No further problems. I have seen her in the past biting her hands at mealtimes, but I'm not sure what she was eating at the time.

She was eating whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and hamburger (goulash). She had not yet touched her vegetable. I'm leaning towards the tomato sauce, but earlier this week she had spaghetti which had tomato sauce and had no problems.

Should I get a blood test to look for something? I'm going to go do some more reading about this.

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