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The rash is not in his creases. It's on the smooth area under his belly button. The biggest rash is right under his belly button, and he has smaller rashes by his hip bone, and right above his penis. He also sometimes gets random bumps over the whole area, but that's not very often anymore.<br><br>
We use thin fitteds on him, under fleece pants or coverless. We change right away after every time he pees. I'm using hypoallergenic detergent, and doing an entire extra cycle (or more) as a rinse. We went 2 days without using diapers at all, except for night, and it didn't improve at all.<br><br>
His rash started 3 months ago and was pretty bad. In the beginning, it got welts, and burn looking over his lower ab and scrotum. It improved quite a bit after I started an elimination diet and removed some foods we think are triggers.<br>
Now it keeps getting slightly better and slightly worse (goes from barely noticable to a rashy area the size of a dollar coin). It's only completely gone away one day in the last 3 months. Since we removed what we think is the main food trigger, it hasn't gotten very bad, but keeps hanging on.<br><br>
Could this be a fungal rash? Would a fungal rash get better and worse without treatment?<br>
His rash was originally (a couple months ago) dx'ed as eczema. Could a fungal rash be mistaken for eczema?<br><br>
Links to pics:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I keep having people irl tell me it's not that bad, so I should just forget about it. But, for one, I'm eating what seem to be safer foods, so it should be better. For two, it doesn't go away, and I'm not comfortable just letting it go when there HAS to be a reason for it.
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