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My DD is 16 months old, and she LOVES milk. She probably drinks 24-30 oz per day.

She was a *spitty baby* - she typically spit up 5-6 times per day until she was about a year old. She's backed off on the spitting up a LOT since her first birthday, but she still occasionally vomits for no apparant reason. I'd guess it happens about 1-2 times a week - sometimes less and sometimes more. Anyway, it seems to coincide with days when she drinks a LOT of milk - to the exclusion of other things. (She's been getting her eye teeth lately and hasn't been interested in much besides her milk.) She's also had, since birth, mild ezcema. It hasn't ever gotten weepy and she doesn't scratch it, but it also hasn't ever really gone away. I should probably also mention that my DD was formula-fed from about 5 days old on, due to a litany of problems we had, mostly steming from my breast reduction surgery. (Please no attacks. It still makes me want to cry when I think about it... and I try not to think about it.) Anyway, she was on cow's milk-based formula from the beginning.
So I'm wondering if it is possible that her spitty-ness and her ezcema are the result of a dairy allergy? We did try soy formula for her, briefly, and it didn't make a difference in her spitting up as a newborn. I wonder if it might make a difference now? Or if it would impact her ezcema in a positive way? Any thoughts?
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