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could you compare LHC w/ LL for me please?

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I am looking at getting a bunch of either/both of these for the newbaby (not yet concieved
)as a shower present from my mum. Can someone who both compare them for me. I love both the Lucy's hope chest and Little lamb's fabric choices so i am having a hard tiem decideng. fwiw ds #1 is a chunkalunka
thank you ladies!

oh and what about schnoogly dipes? <sp?>

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Umm, to me, that's like the difference between Walmart and Macy's. Little Lambs are functional and okay.... but I'm not a big fan. They don't fit long and are just not durable, IMO.

Lucy's Hope Chest are *so* nice and have luxury fabrics inside and out.

I have an order in with Schnoogly right now, but don't have them yet

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ok i had a big long post that some how did not post....... but yes what kim said...... i had wicking iwth the little lambs and the fit was was not that great with my chunky at the time son.......... but the LHC wins hands down......... fit is great and they are just IMO a better dipe for the money.....
if your baby is going to be large, don't get newborn LL, as they are very small.
My babe was small (6 lbs) and fit into LHC in a couple of weeks. Also I think that LHC is easier to fasten than LL, and the edges seem softer. I like all the prr prints at LHC.
I had wicking issues with the LL also. My LHC are hands down some of my favorite in my stash and there are so many prints to pick from!
Ok... for all you momma's that hate little lambs aio... SELL THEM TO ME! lol! I love them

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thanks sooo much for the comparisons. I look forward to your review of that Schnoogly Kimberly. Looks like LHC all the way then eh? I'm glad to hear that they get better reviews than the LL. I had one LL and Ds was always really sweaty in it.
defintly go with LHC......... I also ordered some schnoogly dipes and will report back when i give them a try........
I don't hate LL at all. I love her fabrics and they do fit DD well. I keep them around for DH. I had some major wicking issues with them a few weeks ago. But I put some waterproof spray on them and dried them. They seem to be fine now. They do seem to run smaller. They have much shorter wings than LHC.

I also have LHC and they are just beautiful. Very well made. Good fit and they seem to fit alittle longer. DH also loves those. I can say I've never had any wicking problems with them.

So it is a difference between Walmart and Macy's. LL aren't terrible for the price but they just aren't as "great" or high quality as LHC.
I think LL are great for the price. The snap-ins are the softest I've found yet! And that is even after a few washes! I found that they wash very well.
The only problem I have with LL is that the rise is a bit too low for my son. He's VERY tall for his age.
That's why i'm selling mine. I love them but I need a higher rise.

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