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Could your baby be the one?

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Ok so i don't really belong here. I am a month ahead of you but saw something interesting from a gerber commercial. Apparently America's 300 millionth baby will be born in oct. of this year. You can go Here to get the "up to the mintue" counter of the population.
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LOL--I'm sure there will be lots of give-aways. Hopefully, I'm not going to have the 300,000,000th baby because I will tell them to keep their formula, baby food and paper dipes! Maybe I can raise awareness about breastfeeding, homemade baby food and cloth dipes
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If my child is, I would donate it to a woman's shelter or crisis pregnancy center. Kind of interesting!
Ya know, Delia--that's a great idea. At least someone could use the stuff. Only thing is that I hate to promote formula feeding, especially to women who are down and out. They should be most encouraged to breastfeed just as much as any women. OTOH, if they're going to use it anyway, then they may as well get it for free.

In any event, it's doubtful that I will be the "winner" anyway, so I probably won't have to think about it!
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FYI, gerber doesn't market formula. They do have bottles and such, but their food line doesn't include any formulas.

I think for a mainstream company, they could be a lot worse. I'm definitely all for the WHO Code though! I managed to be one of the only people I know not to receive a free can of formula with my last babe. And I actually got a free Avent Isis pump in the mail! (I think because I'm a midwife. Either that, or because i'm a lamaze member. I never quite figured it out.) We'll see if the evil doers find me this time.
PS, how cool would it be if a home-born, breastfed, sling-slung baby was the 3 millionth? That would be some seriously good press for natural family living.
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