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couldn't help but share

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I got to hear this wee one's heart beat today!!!

I was hoping to (I'm 11w3d today), but wasn't sure. Right off the bat, the doctor found it!! Of course I know it's no guarantee that things won't happen later, but... the reassurance is beyond wonderful. I think the heart rate was somewhere around 160 ... I can't remember the old wives' tale as to whether that's supposed to be a boy or a girl! (not that I care.. I just want to see if it's right in December!)

(plus... I lost three pounds... oh, don't worry, I certainly wasn't trying. I just can't eat anything but foods that are good for me.. and I can't eat large portions of anything... plus.. I have.. hm... plenty of fuel stored in this ol body of mine.. my baby is certainly not starving
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yaaayyy!! I realized after my apt. that the doc never told me the rate. I had the same thought though - girl or boy?
Heck... I'm not sure why I remembered the number. I think that with the girls the number was a bit lower? maybe? I have a terrible memory though... but maybe because it was just a great day (my birthday
) it stuck in my head.
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How wonderful!

I'm looking forward to the chance of hearing the heartbeat when I go for my next prenatal visit in two weeks. I'm 10w5d now so I'll be over 12 weeks then. I'm really hoping that my midwife will find it so I can hear it!
yahoo judybean! i am so very happy for you and hope to be in your shoes when i go in next tuesday. umm, don't get all fixated on the rate tho -- my DS2's was always high, we thought girl for sure. when he came out, both midwives said, "a boy! a SENSITIVE boy!" they were sure right, he's INCREDIBLY sensitive. (in more ways than one -- sweet, sweet, sweet but the slightest injury means an hour-long recovery!) he probably still has a high heart rate

ps --
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Yay, Judybean! That's so exciting. I felt the same sense of reassurance - like, ok, there really is a little minnow growing in there...
supposedly, boys are 140 and under, girls are 140 and higher. my daughter, from about 7 weeks on, was consistantly around 160, so it was right for her!
congrats on hearing the heartbeat! i have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS for my next appointment!
Congrats on hearing the heartbeat! How exciting!
both of my boys were pretty consistently in the 150-160s range throughout the first half of the pregnancy. last time we listened this one was in the 160s, so who knows?
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