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couple of feeding questions

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Hi. I have a 9 month old breastfed baby. I make homemade purees, use cereal, and finger foods. It seems lately he does not want to take anything off a spoon... even things he used to love. And he is not at all interested in using the spoon himself. He loves using his hands for small chunks of things... even the things he then spits back out!
**Should I keep offering on a spoon... or do you think he is done with purees?
Sometimes he won't eat anything I offer. He will always always take avocado or fresh pear.
**Should I continually offer these when he won't eat other things to assure he eats? Or should I just relax and as long as I am offering him a variety at each meal rest assured that he will eat when hungry?
**Also... when did some of you start those allergy risk foods such as wheat, dairy, soy? He has shown no signs of food allergy so far. He does have reflux. Both his father and I have allergies, but not food allergies?
**Another question... chicken/meat... should I only give ground (I do not have a grinder). He only has bottom teeth right now...

I'm new at all this and come from a family of jar feeders! Would love any and all tips/suggestions/ideas.

And for those from the messy self-feeding thread... he's a MESS maker!!!! every single meal is head to toe mess!!! Crunchy hair, etc! Thankfully he loves the washcloth and I am not a neat freak!
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I don't subscribe to the mindset of some around here that spoon-feeding is wrong. I have a 9 month old as well, and we do a combination of both spoon and self-feeding. I follow his cues - if he's into the spooned stuff at that particular time, that's great, if not, I don't force it. He nurses 4-5 times a day, so he's getting nutrients regardless of what solids he has.

Have you read the book Child of Mine by Ellyn Satter? It's a great resource for how to feed a child and respond appropriately to hunger cues. Her main point is we provide what the child eats and it's up to the child to decide if and how much he will eat.

I don't do ground meat. How well does your baby chew? I've had great success with just offering bits of shredded chicken and turkey as finger foods. We don't eat red meat, so I can't offer ideas there.

As for allergies, I started yogurt and cheese at 6-7 months. I'm interested in what people say about wheat. I gave my 9 month old a piece of toast yesterday but am wondering if I should hold off for another few months.
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Babies don't need purrees and don't need to be spoon fed. A taste here and there is fine, but a whole diet is not how they're designed. I would stop those things and just give him soft chunks that he can feed himself.

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