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I put this in another thread but thought others might appreciate it.<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
The great thing is that it can help you save money (if you don't use the food coupons it still lets you know what basics like fruits, vegetables and meat, etc are on sale at what stores, like if peaches are really cheap, etc) and they keep you aware of what good deals are out there, perhaps you won't buy canned green beans, but with a coupon and a double coupon store you might be able to buy a few for nothing or next to nothing and donate it to your local food bank.<br><br>
About Cut Out Hunger<br><br>
Cut Out Hunger is a volunteer effort committed to helping feed the hungry by increasing food donations to hunger organizations and helping families meet their own financial needs.<br><br>
This website shows users how to drastically reduce the cost of their grocery bill, with the hopes that they will share a few of their purchases with charities. Many shoppers (see testimonials) are able to cut their grocery bills by 50% or more. The site is the only one of its kind that is available without a subscription fee, so it can also help families who are struggling financially meet their own needs.<br><br>
Hunger is a crisis in America, and thousands of food pantries staffed by volunteers distribute food to people in need. Learn more about the state of hunger in our communities by visiting America's Second Harvest website. Second Harvest is the nation's largest hunger relief organization with a network of food banks across the country.<br><br>
One in five children in the United States goes hungry on a regular basis. Our grocery stores are full -- learn how to help at a very low cost with this website.<br><br>
For more background on "Cut Out Hunger," you can read some of the newspaper articles that have been written about the effort.
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