A 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to ban ALL food uses of th toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos and has 60 days to do so.

In what the environmental law organization Earthjustice is calling a "Huge Victory," the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the EPA to ban all food uses of chlorpyrifos. This toxic pesticide has been linked to memory loss and developmental impact, and Earthjustice said that now children and communities across our country will be spared needless poisonings that could lead to lifelong disabilities.

Earthjustice has been representing groups that include United Farm Workers and the Learning Disability Association of America in a lawsuit they filed against the EPA. The agency refused to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos in 2016 and in 2019 while led by the Trump administration.

Environmental groups have been calling for the end of its use in all foods for decades, and Earthjustice tweeted they'd been working for years to have this ruling occur.

Several studies show that exposure to organophosphate pesticides (which include chlorpyrifos) is linked to autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, hand tremors and more in children. Organophosphates were originally developed by the Nazis for use as chemical warfare and include sarin nerve gas. They were later adopted for agricultural uses.

Yes. From chemical warfare to our foods. And there was DEBATE as to banning them??

The pesticide had been banned for household use in 2001, but chlorpyrifos is still used a good bit to grow fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, strawberries, corn and more. That means rural communities and farm workers are at higher risk for exposure in foods and in drinking water. Not to mention what happens when we eat these foods.

But now, the 9th Circuit Court has ruled the EPA has to follow the law and ban chlorpyrifos in foods. Condemning the EPA's delay in banning its use as exposing a generation of children to the dangers of chlorpyrifos, the Court stated that the EPA's time was now UP and called for the immediate revocation of all chlorpyrifos tolerances.

And while this battle was victories, the EPA still needs to ban ALL organophosphates used on produce and that's what Earthjustice says they'll continue to fight for.

Sad that we have to fight to prevent the poisoning of our children.

Image: nelic/Shutterstock