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So I have court on the 21st! I do not want to see X it will make me sick to see him. I am newly pregnant and I got the papers for court oneday before I found out about this! I still haven't told any family except one cousin! and that is stessful as my sister is my best friend and I haven't told her! I am struggleing with this pregnancy as I am not to thrilled about it. Yes I was the one who started the baby fever thread but I knew we could not afford or handle a baby yet well suprise. I am so afraid of court though and that stess may be stopping the happy feeling (he is so good at doing that just perfect at it!
) He is in jail and wants to see my Ds in the jail! He thought his parents would bring Ds there they said absolutely NOT they would never do such a thing! Dp wants to adopt Ds as soon as we finalize things and now with him butting his big nose in he may not beable to
we are moving the marrage up faster because we want to try to get the adoption thing moveing so instead of October (the month my grandparents got married
) it will be asap but he still needs to talk to my mother to see if she is okay with it. I also am afraid the stress of court and seeing him will do anything to cause a misscarage he was stalking and tried to get me alone (for G*d knows what and it is such a long and unbelieveable story that the judge whoes at least 70 said he never saw or heard anything like this in his career or on a TV show! yes exact words) the thought of seeing him is makeing my stomache hurt. Please tell me it will be okay and that they should most likely not allow a little almost 5 year old go to the jail! The law guardian doesn't want that he wants to cut X off compleatly and utterly! I am so worried about Ds he is so sensitve and is acting out because he can feel my stress and worry and it is mostly about him (and this new little one) Why did he get stuck with a father who seems to not care about him and just seems to want to make my life hard he knows how protective I am and how much I love him he has always used him to get to me. what kind of person does that to someone??

Ramble done if you read this whole post thank you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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