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Cover for Motherease OS

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Does anyone know, whether bumkins or bummis cover can work with Motherease one-size diaper? Thanks.
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Yes, I think that bummis works with the ME OS . But the cover from ME works excelently, IMO.
We have used:

-the ME airflow, and they are
, except that they leave red marks occasionally.
-the bummis SIWW, also
, and trimmer than the airflow, but I'm finding aren't fitting to the weight range of 30lbs for the medium very well over this dipe, probably because they aren't exactly a trim diaper, expecially with the doubler.
-the bummis nylon whisper pant which I
because they NEVER leave red marks, fit very well and are lightweight.

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Thanks. I know ME airflow will work the best with their OS. But they don't have much choices on color.
My bumkins don't work w/my ME's. I did just get a large side-snap for ds from - covered his ME sandys & one-sizes just right. Lots of cute prints to pick from and I think her prices are comparable (if not cheaper) to the ME covers.

Yes we have used the bummis wraps on the youngest and the bummis pull ons on the oldest. Also we have used the MO airflow and proraps classics.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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