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I have a the following for sale. Most used over just a few months. We switched to fitteds and wool covers.

Med. bummis SIWW in VGC, noah's ark print, $6 PPD(pending)
Small Bumpy night cover in VGC, sea life print, $6 PPD
Polar babies fleece size C, in VGC, cream colored, $8ppd
Med prowrap in GC, $3ppd
Or take the rest of the covers for $14 ppd

I also have the following AIO's for sale:
Med Dreamboat Diapers in firetruck print. Looks like a PRR print. It has red suedecloth inside. It comes with matching doubler. I had wicking issues with this. It is in EC, $6 ppd

Med Wraparounds in green/brown camo. It has purple snaps and orange stitching. This is very pilly but worked well for us. $5 ppd.

Med wraparounds in a blue sesame street print. It is very pilly inside but worked well for us. $5 ppd

Med. TXBluebonnet AI2 in a Charlie brown print. It has brown tabs and Suedecloth inside. This is a bit pilly inside. These are very absorbant and work great. $8 ppd

Med TXBluebonnet AI2 in a green spongebob print. This is green inside. Only very minimal pilling inside on the suedecloth. These are very absorbant and work great. $8 ppd

Or take all of the AIO's for $30 PPD

You can take the whole lot for $45 ppd
I can take non-cc paypal or timely money orders.

PM me or email me at [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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