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Cow's milk at one year?

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I am mom to a 2.5 year old DD and a 10 m old DS. New to the boards but hoping I can find help/support/like minds here. I am thinking forward to DS one year ped appt. My 2.5 year old has never had cow's milk--- she is soy and dairy intolerant-- something we discovered very early on so I never had to consider giving her cow's milk. I know that the mainstream practice is to introduce cow's milk at a year. As DS is happily nursing there is really no reason for me to consider introducing cow's milk for him, is there? Is there a benefit aside from convenience? (not a factor for us) Is it in anyway shortchanging him? My plan for nursing him is to continue with child led but I'd be lying if I said I wanted that day to be anytime in the near anything I can do to keep him nursing as much as possible is ideal.

Thanks for any input.
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No need to introduce cow's milk. And it can lead to premature weaning.

Just keep nursing.

There is no real benefit to a breastfed baby getting cow's milk and since your other child has issues with dairy, I would avoid milk for sure. BTW, at Lauren's 1 year ped appt I told the doc that she was nursing quite a bit still and I was not going to give cow's milk and he thought that was terrific.
I don't personally have a problem with it, all 3 of my kids have had cow's milk at just over a year & it didn't interfere with our nursing. However, it is not necessary at all, and as the PP said, with your older child's history of allergies, it strikes me that it would be a very smart thing to not introduce dairy to your younger any time soon.
I didn't introduce cow's milk until my son was about 15 months old (he had been tested for allergies at that point and was cleared for cow's milk). I wanted to introduce it because I work and really was done with pumping. But, he wouldn't take it for a long time. He just drank water and ate food while I was at work (only 6 hrs).
He did start drinking cows milk quite suddenly around 20 months and now can't get enough of it.
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