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Cracked and bleeding at 8 months...

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I'm having an issue today with a cracked, bleeding nipple. I had a blister a few days ago, that I assumed was from dd having either a bad latch one night while night nursing, or from her teething, and now my nipple is bleeding and cracked today. I'm assuming it's from her tendency the past few days to just rip off whenever she sees something out of the corner of her eye she wants to look at
: I let her nurse on that side earlier and she had some brown, very sour spit-up a little while ago, that I'm assuming was from her ingesting blood. Should I not let her nurse on that side? I'm worried about losing my supply if I don't, since she's 8 months old and I know it's really just supply and demand at this point keeping it going.

I put some lanolin on it and put some breastmilk on it earlier, but is there anything else I should do or not do? I just know dh is going to try to talk me into weaning as soon as he hears about it
He already mentioned it last night when she kept pulling off while nursing.
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Salt water soaks are a miracle, and healed my nipples when they were cracked/bleeding. After nursing, mix 1tsp salt in 1cup warm water and soak 5-10 minutes. I used small tupperware bowls, bent over to put my nipples in the bowls, the leaned back. My breasts kind of formed a suction so the water didn't leak out.
The bowls are small, like 1/2 cup size. THen i let them air dry, and put on your nipple cream. I didn;t use cream at the time b/c I had yeast, but if there's no problem there, then you're okay. You should notice a difference after just a few soaks.
And my DS used to pull off while dragging my nipple with him, but he eventually stopped. Good luck mama.
Sorry to hear about the nipple trauma!

You can keep nursing - the blood isn't an issue.

I think there are some threads around about biting babies that may help.
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