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cracked nipple won't heal - HELP!!!

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My son is 13 days old, has gained a POUND since birth so no supply issues, eats on a typical newborn schedule and seems to have a decent latch, but both my nipples are pretty sore and this crack just. won't. heal.

Lanisoh seems to dull the pain a bit but not promote healing. I've tried rubbing milk into the nipples and going topless, hot compresses, different nursing positions - all the typical stuff. I need more ideas. It's getting to the point where I spend all day dreading our nursing sessions, and it is making me SO SAD.

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When I had this problem, several LCs (including my mom, who I trust above everything) suggested to try feeding on the unaffected side and pumping on the sore side for several feedings, to give it a break and a chance to heal.

I had gotten so torn up at the beginning that I eventually had to use a nipple shield for about 8 weeks, starting at around a month. Not all babies will nurse with the shield right away, and I wouldn't recommend your using it just yet as he is still a little young for artificial nipples of any kind. It's something to keep in mind, though, as a temporary means to keep him feeding on that side while reducing the friction and soreness.
Thanks marisa. I pumped on the cracked side for his mid-morning feeding, and I guess I'll continue to do it throughout the day. He doesn't seem to have any nipple confusion (has had pumped milk and a pcai with no issues), so maybe a nipple shield would be a better option for me than a cream w/ drugs in it. But hopefully I can avoid both!
I have to say, the shield is pretty inconvenient (moreso than just popping the baby on, that is -- you have to find the shield, position it, take it off when he's done, clean it afterwards... it's a lot less easy at night, especially).

That said, it really saved our BFing relationship in a way, because like you I would dread nursing him, and I was so upset.

I used the shield for 8 weeks and that was conservative, I could probably have stopped sooner but I was afraid of the pain. I think that not only did it give me a chance to heal, but it helped by pulling out my nipples a bit (give him more to latch onto) and also making him open a bit wider (no slurping the nipple in).

A lot of people are afraid of the shield due to nipple confusion (but if he's already taking a bottle, then it won't be as harmful) and due to the fact that some get stuck using one for an extended time. But if you're mindful of it and don't get hooked on the shield, I can't see how it would hurt.

(If you do decide to get one, buy two so that when you lose one, you'll have a spare. They're like giant contact lenses when you drop them, I swear! Target has them for around $5 each. By the end I had about 5 and left them everywhere I thought I might nurse!
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i was wondering if it might be his latch. have you had anyone else take a look? my daughter just fully weaned from the nipple shield after 6 weeks of use and my nipples have been sore because she is not used to having to open her mouth up really wide to take in the aereola. i know newborns have teeny mouths anyway.......just a thought!
goodluck and congrats!

by the way, what marisa said about the shields being like contacts is true.....i actually vaccumed one of ours up yesterday!!!!!! lol
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