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cradle cap remedies?

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Besides baby oil?

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Some people say natural oils and other home remidies, but those never worked for my Abby. What did work, and worked the first time was a shampoo by Baby orajel called baby naturals cradle cap treatment. I got it at Target in the baby shampoo isle. It is a teal bottle with a purple label and leaves on it.

It worked the first time, got rid of it 10% and I have never had to use it again!

I let it go as long as possible (3-4months); then I massaged in olive oil and combed it all out. ds thought it was fun and it never came back.
Weleda makes a very nice calendulated oil. I used that. The calendula has gentle healing properties which the oil conducts. I heated it slightly, massaged it in and left it overnight then washed ds's hair with a natural baby shampoo specifically for cradle cap. You can buy both things at the Health Food Store. HTH
Another vote for the Weleda calendula baby oil...I'm lazier than solsticemama, though - I just massaged a bit of it straight from the bottle into DD's scalp after a bath, let it all rest overnight, then brushed the cradle cap with a very soft baby hairbrush in the morning. I did this a few times and was almost sad when her cradle cap had disappeared - It was gratifying to loosen all the crusty bits and free her baby skin...

My DD had even more cradle cap on her face (forehead & eyelids) than on her scalp, and I used olive oil on that, which also worked.
We loved the Little Forest Baby Oil for Cradle Cap. Now we use it for infant massage.
I second the olive oil! Olive oil worked wonders for DS. His cradle cap was very eczema-like and dry (not oily) so, a good olive oil soak was just the ticket. I'd do this about an hour or so before bath time and use plain ole Johnson's baby shampoo (or Aveda oatmeal baby wash) to get rid of the oil. Ds looooooooved the head massage
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we used olive oil too. my dd has a ton of hair too. we massaged it in and then combed it all out. worked the first time
............ her's was really bad too. cheap solution
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we used the weleda too. dd1's peach fuzz hair all fell out when we did the scalp massage! she was nearly bald already, really. the cradle crap cleared up though :p
This stuff is awesome!

I second the person who mentioned the Baby Orajel product. It is calle Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Treatment and I got mine at Walmart.

Aya had once serious case of cradle cap. We used this product 2 or 3 times and it has'nt been back since!

It was so great to use the stuff and then be able to comb out the scales. I was obsessed!
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