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cradle crap?

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er, um, cap

anyone have any advice or tips for getting rid of it?
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I just pick at it so I'm going to sub and see if there are alternatives to that.
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we call it that too!

I massage in olive or almond oil, let it soak, then soft brush it out. One time I let it go too far and ended up having to use medicated shampoo, which is really harsh.
I always picked at my kid's too
and scrubbed it with a soft brush at bath time
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I got rid of it on DS by using baby wash with oatmeal. I'd read about using Aveeno, and I figured I'd try with the cheap Gerber baby wash with oatmeal before buying the expensive stuff.
: (Hey, this was over 4 years ago, and I hadn't found MDC yet.)
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I battled it for 1/2 years with my first, and this is what finally worked for us. I liberally (really!) applied and rubbed sunflower oil (you can use any kind of oil, but I was tired of her head smelling yuck afterwards!) on her head and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. I then used a flea comb (the kind you can get for dogs) and brushed it out. Worked like a friggin charm. I was so mad that I hadn't known about it earlier! I had tried the toothbrush route many times and all it did was just gum up. It took about 3 applications to get all of hers, but after it was all gone, we never had another problem. Just did the first application with my infant, and it worked great again.
I second the flea comb after a bath thing. My ds2 won't let me near him if I have the picking gleam in my eye, but he loves to have his hair combed/brushed and he will sit there all day long!!!
Henry had a very mild case, but all I did was put some warm olive oil on it, let it sit before bath for about 10 minutes, then massaged his head gently with a baby washcloth for a few minutes. I could actually see the skin coming off on the washcloth, that's how quickly it worked. It was gone right away, and never came back!
first tea tree oil directly on scalp, massage, let sit, then olive oil, or even better an olive oil/coconut oil mixture. massage, let sit, use the comb to scratch off as above. the tto and coconut have greater antibacterial and antifungal properties than the other stuff mentioned. bigger guns, so to speak.
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