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craft ideas for teens??

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i'm in 'charge' of crafts for a group of teens at a 2-day camp
the crafts will be done indoors and we have kitchen facilities and good-sized rooms to do them in

but what should i do with them??
i have abt an hour and a half to possibly 2 hours but there is no problem leaving smthg to dry or whatever and then be picked up at the end of the camp

sorry i'm nak i hope i'm making sense
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middle school teens or high school teens or both?

I saw an article in family fun magazine while at the library today. I just tried looking it up on the web site and can't find the article. If I remember correctly you mix flour and water to the consistancy of mustard. Put the mixture in a sqeeze bottle. Take a t-shirt that has a piece of plastic in between the front and back (or something so that the front and back aren't touching). The kids then can make a design on the T. Then take dye in spray bottles and spray the shirt with the dye(s). Let the shirt "bake" so that the flour mixture is dry/hard. Wash shirt according to the dye instructions.

hope it helps.
Bracelets of assorted types
tye dye
etched glass
thanks. i forgot abt this post
bracelets sound good, so does thedyeing but i'm not sure if they r tie-dyeing at another session
keep the ideas coming(p.s. they are grades 9-12)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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