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Cramping at 37 1/2 weeks

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Hi all,
I am pregnant with my first and am 37 weeks 4 days. A few times in my last trimester I have been dehydrated and gotten what feels like menstrual-type cramps. They have always gone away within an hour or two and with lots of water. Yesterday I must have gotten a little dehydrated (I drink TONS of water but must be really sensitive) and have had menstural-like cramps since then. They were really bad for about 1-2 hours but subsided in the bath and with alot of fluids. Now they are just low grade, but are still here, which has never happened before. They dont' seem to be going away with anything - movement, rest, fluid, etc.

They are separate from Braxton-Hicks, which I have been getting since 20 weeks because my baby has been very low from the beginning. There are no other contractions and my BH haven't increased or anything. I am also not really feeling back cramps or anything in my legs. I haven't lost my plug or have any blood or leakage.

I am wondering if anyone has had this before or has any suggestions, information? I don't think I will call my midwife unless the cramps seem to get worse.

Thanks in advance!
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at 37 1/2 weeks... i wouldn't worry about calling either. As long as you are quite comfortable with how far along you are and do not question it at all... having the baby at 37 1/2 weeks should not cause any real concerns, by then the lungs should be fully developed.

Of course, its probably better to be safe than sorry and call to just let your midwife know what you are feeling and if she has any suggestions.
DS was born at 37 weeks exactly. So I wouldn't worry either. Now if it goes on for days and you're not getting any rest I may call in then...
I've been having them (I'm 38 weeks tomorrow), and my midwife didn't seem concerned at all.
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