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Cramping in 2nd tri?

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How much cramping is normal during early pregnancy? I've been having really bad migraines this week and I think maybe the amount of caffine in the pills I take is possibly too much and is causing cramping. I'm not spotting and the cramps aren't coming and going (ie: like contractions) so I'm not too worried about them, but they hurt! I'm 13 weeks right now. I've only been cramping for the past hour or two.

This is what I've taken this week as far as the medication:
Monday - 2 pills
Tuesday - 3 pills
Wednesday - 1 pill
Thursday - 2 pills
Friday - 4 pills
Saturday - 2 pills

I didn't realize until today that they contained Asprin.

Each pill contains:
Acetaminophen 250mg
Asprin 250mg
Caffiene 65mg

So, I've taken this week:
Acetaminophen - 3500mg
Asprin - 3500mg
Caffiene - 910 (plus a few sodas)

Would any of that cause cramping? I won't take anymore of these now that I know they've got Asprin in them.
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I didnt want to be a reader and not post anything since I've seen you've not gotten any responses-you didnt say what kind of pills you're taking, of course, its obviously best you should stop asap, if you continue cramping I'd definatley keep rested, feet up, etc, and if you run a fever or spot then call your mw or dr-they'll probably just send you to emerg anyways. Good luck, its such a tricky thing to know what you're body's up too, I hope it works out
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I don't know about the cramping but I do know about dealing with the pain of migraines.

I had horrible migraines in both my pregnancies. 1st pregnancy I got Fiorocet because I didn't know any better. 2nd pregnancy, a friend suggested plain ol magnesium supplements (mag - cal acually). I swear it worked better than if I took the Fiorocet which used to give me rebound headaches.

And after the birth I slacked off taking the Mag. and sure enough my migraines came back. I started taking it again a month ago and have had no migraines. I'm so annoyed the numerous OBs, neurologists etc didn't mention Magnesium to me. They were happy to give me Codeine or Fiorocet (both of which are supposedly 'safe' in pregnancy). I've just been taking the Mag. RDA amount 400mg. No super dose or anything. check how much Mag is in your prenatal though and if it's not 100 of the RDA then top it up.

Apparently Mag. works well for migraines that are related to hormonal changes, and mine got a lot worse during pregnancy.

Some info here:
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They did turn into contractions after a while, but I wasn't spotting or dialating so I wasn't worried. I drank a bunch of water and slept and they went away.

I have had migraines since I was 8 and nothing natural I've done has helped. I'm fixing to look at prescription medications. What I was just exedrine migraine.

Thanks for the help though!!
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