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Hey guys. Since this is my first pregnancy and I have NO idea what's normal or not normal, I have a question. How much cramping is actually normal? Most days I feel like I usually do an hour before I get my period. Yesterday whenever I stood up the cramps were as bad as they normally are the first day of my period. It was scary, but there was no blood or anything, so I assume my baby is ok.

I just don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling. The books say that some cramping is normal. The nurse says some cramping is normal. But I don't know, because I've never been through this before!

Is it unreasonable for me to go in to see a doctor this early (the beginning of my 7th week) just to make sure everything is ok?
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Its totally normal for me.
This is #3 and I got it with the other two as well.
It feel EXACTLY like you described, just like period cramps. Sometimes its horrible. I believe its just things inside moving around to make room for babe? Am I right?
You are fine unless there is blood.
I agree... Cramping is totally normal. Most of us probably feel some, especially around the time AF is due or a little after. I had some the weekend after AF was due, and I had to go to the bathroom alot to check and make sure I wasn't bleeding. This is my 2nd pregnancy, and finally I remembered that I had cramps last pregnancy too, but had just forgotten about them!

So yes, cramping is normal.
When do you have your first prenatal? Alot of OBs do u/s at 8 weeks anyway, for dating purposes and such.
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My first prenatal is at 10 weeks. The women's health center that I'm going to said that's when they prefer to do it. I feel like though, since this is my first pregnancy, that I actually might call then up and find out if I can make one for sooner. I just have so many questions!
I agree, normal. I also get ligament pains in the same area -- more like sharp, pulling pains than cramps. Just in case you get them too, they're normal!

You can feel free to ask your q's here. I think it's safe to say we love discussing pg here
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The feeling of cramping just like I get in the hour or so before my period starts is why with ds I didn't take a pregnancy test until after I missed my 2nd period - I just kept expecting it to come. (DS was unplanned) This time, I had the same thing and I just laughed about it because it make me realize that I was completely insane to doubt I was pregnant.

I think if you get sharp cramps that don't go away, you might want to call your caregiver. But those other pains are completely normal from what I've heard.
I'm not super crampy this time but LAST time I was SO SURE my period was coming any minute, I didn't even think to take a pg test forever because I was so darn crampy! Felt JUST like my period, only worse! So this can be normal!
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I always get crampy with my pgs. They're like mentrual cramps. I also get those ligament pulls.
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