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On Wed night (actually around 2am) I woke up feeling the type of twinge you get with a bladder infection. Then I swear I would feel one then get tight. Then later diarrhea cramps seemed to start. The next day (T-day) I had diarrhea a couple times and still had both period like and diarrhea like cramping. I had lots of tightening low and belly button area. I felt sort of yukky too. The next day, the same. I was worrying about preterm labor. I had all the symptoms except water/blood. I couldn't count my tightening either. They just seemed to be and not be. Finally I went to labor and delivery (and WHY is it that you always read and are told to go to DR, to call etc if you are worried and yet when you do they make you feel insecure and doubtful????)

Anyway, at the H they monitored baby, who was fine. I had no contractions and no bladder infection. I did have a slight fever (99.9).

Now it has been a week. I still don't have normal poo. I still feel period like cramps. I also have (for e week been mildly nauseaus)

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Do you think I could just have a bug? I rarely do. Are period like cramps common?

I have a Dr apt Mon (and an ultrasound tomorrow) But I don't always trust Dr abilities to diagnose.

thanks, Katharine
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