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Crap! I think DS just ate peanuts!

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DH had a bag in his back pack from his recent plane trip. I saw DS playing with the bag but it looked closed. It was open. I walked into the bedroom and there were peanuts all over the floor. I don't know whether he ate one or not. He doesn't have a peanut allergy that we know of but I've exposed him to peanuts directly. What should i do?
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Watch him like a hawk. I'd put him in a bath immediately and wash any residue off thoroughly.

Any rubbing of eyes, redness, puffiness on his face etc, give him Benadryl and get him to ER. Anything around the mouth, breathing, lips swelling, or that makes you fearful, dial 911 immediately.

If he has any reaction at all, however minor, get him allergy tested asap. For your own peace of mind, you might then want to get an epipen to carry and ensure a peanut free environment for him.

Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post, he has been tested and is negative for peanut allergies, but he's only been exposed INDIRECTLY. When we've been some place where I have had litterally no options for food (especially for breakfast), I have eaten pb on an english muffin. He's never had any peanut product directly before. ANd we do have an epi pen. He seems fine, but he was fine after eating strawberries for the first time, his second time he broke out into hives immediately. So scary.

Thanks for the help Britishmum!
Sounds like you're covered then. It makes you feel much safer when you have an epipen in the house.
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Yes it does! And Happy Mother's Day to you if you're celebrating it today.
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