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I was in the ER all night, and turn out to have a sizeable ovarian cyst. It's bigger than the ovary and wreaking all kinds of havoc with my menstrual cycle-- not to mention causing lots of pain and nausea. I haven't gotten through to midwives and doctors today and so am kind of in limbo about what to do next, and I just generally feel like this:

Sigh. Thanks for the vent.
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Oh Rachel, I hope you can get better fast now that you know what you're dealing with.

Good luck!
Yikes! ovarian cysts can suck. sorry you aren't feeling so hot
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I hope you feel better soon... i had my right ovary and the cyst removed... mine was larger than a grapefruit and i was hemorraghing.... altho it did take 2 weeks of hemorraghing b4 they took the sucker out..

s get well soon...
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i'm so sorry... hope you'll be feeling better soon
Rachel. Thinking of you and sending love and light.
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I do hope you feel better.

I am not sure of your options, but I would encourage you to take them very seriously.

I had a cystic ovary that was causing some pains and did nothing about it.
The cysts got worse and I ended up with two ectopic pregnancies between ds2 and ds3. The first they treated with methotrexate (a chemo drug) and I had to temporarily (3 days...they said a week, LC said 3 days was fine) a nine month old (he was angry...eventually nursed until age 3). The second ectopic was six months later (with the pill) and they had to do major surgery (general anesthesia, remove the tube and ovary and a 5cm cystic mass). I have had no more ectopic trouble and 2 normal pregnancies, BUT CYSTS ARE PAINFUL AND CAN BE DANGEROUS.

I'm rambling,

but you are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope they have good news for you.
Thanks, all of you. I am definitely taking it seriously. I was in the ER for about four hours last night and am following up with midwives and gyns this week. I am hoping to have an answer about what to do in a few days. I am feeling very, very scared of losing my ovary. My cyst is more plum-sized, not even quite that big, but it may be too big to shrink with meds. The idea of having surgery while nursing a toddler is pretty tough to take. I also want to have more babies (!), so I want to have all my baby-making parts intact and in good working order, KWIM?

This hurts and is scary.
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I am very sorry for your pain and i know that my know-it-all sounding attitude even with empathy does not comfort enough.

I have been nursing since ds1 was born, through three pregnancies, two ectopics, and surgery to remove both the ovary and surgery to remove a breast abcess.

Surgery sucks for a million reasons but it can be better feeling than putting lots of yucky meds into your body. when they told me to pump and dump for a week, I found a really great LC (she wrote LLLs breastfeeding answer book) and got thorough info on the half-life of the drug and made the best decision i could. surgery was easier because they give anesthesia to pregnant women for surgery, but afterward was hard because they couldn't give me the good pain meds, just 600mg of ibuprofen every few hours; anything stronger my nursling would get doped up too.

maybe yours can be laprascopic if it is small? i hope so.

people go on to have lots and lots of babies with one ovary or part of one ovary. i know several. i had ds3 and got pregnant with (hope it will be a daughter)#4 on one ovary.

one thing i don't know is if i ovulated every month or every other?

you will have as many babies on one ovary as you would have on two.

i have a feeling lots of good things are in store for you.

i just wished that when they took my ovary they would have been able to give or sell the eggs to someone else. i could have been rich or blessed others, but i guess they have to be harvested after drugs of some sort that's why donors are paid so much.

hang in there. i wish you the best.
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