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crappiest day!

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Good lord, what a miserable day. A lot of crazy work stress, then DH called to say that he saw his grandmother (our kids' great-grandmother) who spent a long time yelling at him and telling him what horrible parents we are!! All of this IN FRONT OF DS as though he cannot hear or understand! Unbelievable. We have the happiest, most joyful, well behaved 2.5 year old! But we are too protective apparently and will ruin him. I'm mad enough that she even said the things she said, but totally pissed that she said it in front of DS!!!
And THEN, this afternoon I went out for a meeting, was walking back to the office, and actually walking past the police station and a bunch of police officers hanging outside (beautiful day today)... one of my earrings fell off my head and onto the sidewalk. I squatted down to pick it up and COULD NOT get up to save my life. I tried several times, I was down and could NOT get up! A random young woman walking by helped me, and she had to haul my huge pregnant self off the sidewalk! While the gaggle of cops watched! Oh, my lord, was I ever mortified, not to mention completely exhausted and fatigued and shaken and totally out of it when I got back to the office, where I had to conduct another meeting. What the??? BAD day. I really gotta slow down, slow down girl!!!
Thanks for listening to me vent! I feel better. Anybody else having a crappy time? Marian
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That makes me so angry about the police officers. I would totally call and report them!
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i know what you mean about being down and unable to get up. i yelled and dh in front of his friends because he knocked on the door and i had to get up to open it for him but by the time i got up he had gotten in the house, i yelled, "why did you make me get up!!"

i was the fool though. i guess i didnt see it but my 3 yr old had ran and unlocked the door for him before i got there. still it was tough to get up!!!!
EW. That's awful.

Huge hugs!

My day was no peach either.... Baby turned Breech at some point late last night or this morning... and I have to go for an US tomorrow (something I made it to THIRTY NINE WEEKS WITHOUT NEEDING.... ARUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to verify and meet the people who do the versions. Waaaah.

Trying like MAD to get baby to turn BACK tonight........ sniff. Come on baby!
ah moosemommy I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!! whew! get a good night's sleep... or as much as you can.
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That sounds like a horrible day!!!!! So sorry especially for the parent mess. My Mom recently mailed me a newspaper clipping she said reminded me of her. It was about giving your children too much attention being bad parenting~LOL!

I also fell while pregnant with my first downtown in the business district. A FedEx guy was right there along with TONS of other people, but the only one who stopped to help was some little old lady who couldn't have helped Big Mamma up if she had wanted to! One man even looked at me and said, "Eat some dirt?" with a chuckle!

Not trying to minimize your experiences~just commiserating! People can be sooo yucky! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Definitely a crappy day.
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Pals, I had a much better day today. Yesterday's craziness sent me a clear message that I need to SLOW DOWN. I worked all day and even had an evening meeting, but took it slow and easy all day. DH and DS came for a surprise lunch visit YAY. I'm taking tomorrow off, going to see the midwives in the am and will play with DH and DS all day! Supposed to be a glorious day tomorrow!
Thanks so much for the support and commisseration. Love
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