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I woke up laughing this morning at the hysterical dream I had last night.

I dreamed that I was in a restroom at a resturant with my mom....who for some unknown reason was changing her clothes right in the middle of the room. She yelled at me to watch the door just as someone barged in. It was Brittney Spears!
Brittney goes to the can and comes out to wash her hands. I just had to make a comment to her so I said, "Hey, congrats on losing that 190lbs!" (refering to K-fed) She looked at me and smiled and said, "Thanks, but I just gained back 220" and laughed and walked out. I followed Brittney back out to the resturant, and she was sitting at the table with some guy who looked familiar but I couldn't place his face. I ask her who he is and she tells me he is the guy who wears the big plastic head in those crazy Burger King commercials.
: The guy starts winking at me and trying to pick me up. He tells me that I could have a good time with him and Brittney. I keep telling him that I am happily married and showing him my ring. He persists, and finally I stand up and show him my big pregnant belly and he walks off.

I woke up right after that and laughed so hard. That was messed up! I have no idea why I would dream about Brittney Spears...I don't give a crap about celebrities.

So share your insane dreams too....
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