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UGH! I wish I wasn't so nutso. I want to poas and I'm just finishing my period!

Here's the thing... my temps haven't dropped below my coverline.

I looked back and it's quite likely that this is pretty normal, though goober that I am I don't always temp during my period... so...

since my post-period temps (below typical coverline) are really low (96.9-97.3 ish) and my temp this morning was 97.9 and it seems my period is already over (just a few days), my brain is running around wanting to test.

well, it was NOT just spotting, I soaked tampons for two days and semi-soaked them yesterday, too.

the test sitting in my bathroom is worth $4-5 and I SHOULD NOT WASTE IT!

tell me not to test!

UGH, it's insanity!


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Yep this happens to me too. My temps stay up around the coverline during AF, and don't typically drop down till around cd 6 or 7. I am cd7 today and they are still about where my coverline was last cycle. I have read that it is normal, that the fluctuating/old hormones can make your temp stay up a bit during af. And I am thinking if it is the estrogen surge just before ovulation that pushes temps down, there just isn't much estrogen yet in the cycle.

That being said, I did have a "period" once which turned ut to be some kind of breakthrough bleeding because I was actually pregnant. I did not know I was pregnant until cd 10 of the next cycle (or about cd40) when I started bleeding again and I thought it strange. A friend told me to take a hpt and it was positive. I wound up miscarrying that pregnancy a week or two later though. I wish I could remember what that bleeding was like (the fake period) but at the time I didn't really pay attention. You can bet I do now !

Do you use OPKs ? if so, they will test + if you are pg. So if you get a negative OPK you also know you are not pregnant. I use this info to help stop the added insanity midcycle.

If it were me I'd go to the $1 dollar store and buy a cheapie to test with, just to settle your mind.

GL !
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