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cream vs. white fleece FBs

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Is there any difference in performance, care, etc. between the cream fleece FBs and the white fleece FBs? I had all the new style with white but switched some colors with a local WAHM and hers were the cream fleece, but still the same design. Should I expect any difference?

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I have a few of each and the only thing I have found is one is a bit thicker then the other. Both seem to work the same for us.
Are you talking about the thin fleece or the thicker white fleece? I haven't noticed a difference in the the thin white and thin cream...but the thicker white fleece pills more and feels a bit different. HTHs!
I haven't really found a difference, I have some of both.
That's what I wanted to hear! The thickness of them seems the same and both feel thin so I think I'm good to go - you know, once I have the baby!
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