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Creative ways to tell 4 y/o DD that she'll be a big sister?

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My dd doesn't know yet that I'm pregnant. She's been begging for a sibling for a long long time- maybe 2 years now!! I'm so happy for her and I know she will be so thrilled. She currently goes around calling herself big sister and her dolls little brother and little sister! So cute. Anyway I'm looking for fun and creative ways to tell her! She can read, but not too well yet, so I don't know if written would be a good thing....maybe a basket of baby things? Big sister "things"? What do you think- any good ideas??


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DD was the same!

However I didnt do anything special to tell her... the day we decided to tell our families I went in her room and woke her up and just told her she was going to be a big sister. She knew instantly!

Then when we went out for dinner that evening with my family (was for DSs birthday) my SIL asked her what was going to happen this year (expecting that she would start school) and she replied with MOMMIES GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

and everyone laughed. because shes been saying that for years hoping for it to be true. Til SIL saw me nodding and her jaw about hit the floor lol.
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