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Credit Card Mercy

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I just wanted to share a nice thing that USBank did for us about our credit account. Shocking I know...

My husband was in a crisis situation and was broken down in a parking lot with zero cash or money in our bank account (we are really strapped and nailing down our debt right now with every available penny) and so he took the credit card that he thought had a zero balance to go purchase the car part he needed (it was under $30) except that he whipped out the card that is maxed from medical bills.

So he put us over the limit by buying a $30 part- which meant a $40 fee, and our interest rate went from like 6% to 28%!~

The next month I go to pay the bill and I put extra on it because we were over the limit and it didn't make any difference- we were still over the limit. With the higher interest our payment didn't bring us under the limit with all the fees they'd added which was really sad because this time of year is horrid and I'd dredged up every dime I could to pay extra on that bill.

Well this last statement I see my next larger payment didn't bring it under either (they were charging us interest that was the exact amount of the payment or something).

So I was in tears and my husband called and super duper nicely asked to speak with a "manager" the magical 3 times it takes before they have to transfer you and they did. The lady he got said well you haven't even paid your payment yet this month so I can't do anything for you.

He gets off the phone and looks at me accusingly and says "We haven't paid this month!" And I said "no poop! I got this bill in the mail TODAY!"

So he's all ohhh what a witch, and he calls back, does the magic "request a manager 3 times" thing and gets a guy this time. Explains everything.

The guy waves 2 over the limit charges totalling $70 which put us back in black and then says he will put the interest rate back to where it was after 2 billing cycles.

How nice is that?!

I was shocked, but thought I'd share, there is hope!
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yay! I'm glad they did that for you. I've had similar experiences and it's nice when something good happens.
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