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Crib is sidecar'd-now what?

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DD is 10 mo and has been cosleeping since birth...she likes to be touching me and nurses VERY often at night. We have a queen bed and have sidecar'd the crib-even though the crib is right next to our bed-like an extention of our mattress-dd still won't sleep there...because of space issues-dh has been sleeping in the other room-he just isn't comfy in the queen with us.

I would really like dh back in the bed and dd in her crib next to me! any ideas as to how to make this happen?

I get her to sleep in the sling and she spends the first part of the night in the sling or in a big round chair that she loves. When I go to bed I bring her with me and try to put her in the crib part of the bed. Sometimes she will sleep there a few hrs, but more likely, she wakes up and crawls next to me. If I try to put her back after she wakes to nurse, same thing happens.

I have tried to make the crib mattress a bit more soft with some blankets under the sheet, but it is not good enough!

Any one else with this problem? It looks like it should work so well and we could all be so happy! If only!
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This is what we did. We sold our crib. We got a twin and a double futon. We also got pieces of foam to put under the futons to make them softer. My dh built a simple platform big enough for both futons. The youngest slept between me and the wall, we were on the twin. I learned to sometimes give both breasts lying on my right side.

On the other mattress was the next youngest kid, then the oldest, then dh. I shared a blanket with the youngest. Everyone else had their own blanket or sleeping bag, so no blanket stealing worries.

Dh and I would wave to each other now and then...But at least we were all in the same big bed in the same room!
We have a queen bed and have a sidecar arrangement. I think the best idea here is to think of the sidecar as a place for a break, not the only place babe can sleep. It's a compromise.

DS loves to sleep between us. He's warm and cozy there. So , we start the night with him in the sidecar and generally spend some of the night with him between us. In order to give dh and ds enough space, I often spend some of the night halfway in the crib.

I don't wash his crib blanket as often as I wash his sheets. His crib blanket is used by both of us and I think that helps. His bed smells like "our" bed. There's not a clear line between the two. Sleep with a receiving blanket for a couple of nights and then use that as a sheet protector on the crib. See if that does the trick.

(I'd totally love to do what DaryLLL's family did, but my dh wouldn't go for it. He already accused me of being a hippie this weekend. Gasp. The horror. What-EVER.)
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