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crib mobiles

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What are your thoughts on these? For some reason, I thought I wouldn't want one/need one. I had this idea that the crib was for sleeping only and I didn't want him to " play" in there- just sleep. Even though he falls asleep on his own pretty well, I am realizing that he might like something else to look at as he doses off. We have music playing, so I don't really need/want one with music. We also have some black and white animal cards taped around his crib that he looks and and LOVES so I don't even know if another thing to look at is necessary.

For those of your who use crib's, do you have any recommendations? I want something simple that can be clipped on to the crib.
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We have an infant stim mobile that my five-month-old LOVES. It doesn't rotate or play music so we attached the hanging part to another mobile that does both. Now he watches black and white cards rotate slowly to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and seems to like it long enough that I can wash my hands after a diaper change.

This is the one we have--if you're crafty you could probably make your own for a lot less.
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We put up a mobile that matched DD's bedroom theme of Hello Kitty. She doesn't sleep in there, but we used it when she was really little to give her something to look at while I washed/lotioned/dressed her (she had eczema pretty bad for a few weeks). After that it was something for her to look at while I ran to grab things while dressing her, and yes, washing hands after changes... And we still have it up now, we just don't really use it, it makes her room look cute, and isn't a safety hazard because she doesn't sleep in there
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We have a mobile over DD's crib. She never sleeps there (oh, how I wish she would, for naps!), but we use it, like some pps as a safe place to stash her while hands are washed, etc. I actually made her mobile, and it's really, really cute. I cut two somewhat twisty pieces off of one of our many willows outside, tied them into a basic X shape, and hung butterflies and dragonflies from it. I got the butterflies at the local dollar store. They're made from different coloured gauzy material pulled over wire forms in a variety of sizes. It was really, really easy to make. It's just hung from the ceiling, as it weighs basically nothing and could be secured with a simple finishing nail. I think you could hang all sorts of things from a similar set up, including some of the black and white cards your kiddo already likes. I had also thought of using sea glass, shells, fall leaves, etc.
We have one in the crib and DC love watching it while she fall asleep. The music on the mobile is calming as well
We have one, it was a gift, but honestly I likely would never actually BUY one - about the only time it really got used was when I was putting laundry away with our first and would put babe in there with the mobile going......
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