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I am wanting to start building up my stash of diapers for when the baby comes. She will be between 4-6 months old when we can bring her home. I know very little about cloth diapering but have found a WAHM that runs a store a few hours away. She seems very good to work with. This is what I was thinking I would get, tell me if I should be doing something different or forgot anything. I'm having to guess on sizes. I want to wash every other day.<br><br>
18 Wonderoos with inserts<br>
3 Medium Bumkins<br>
1 Rumpster AIO<br>
4 Medium Fuzzi Bunz with inserts<br>
Diaper Sprayer<br>
Allens Diaper wash (2)<br>
Monkey Sudz Diaper Rash Creme<br>
Diaper Pail<br>
Small Diaper Pail for in diaper bag<br><br>
I thought the wonderoos would work great during the day, and at night then I would use the rumpster and fuzzi bunz with the inserts. Then when she is here and I know what works best I will pick up a couple more.
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