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I'm new to gardening (this is my first year growing!).

I planted three butternut squash plants next to three Lumina (white) pumpkin plants. Will these cross pollinate? I would like to save seeds from each (some to use for next year and some to pass along to others) but I'm afraid to have mutant squash-kins!!!!

Also, my squash are doing great but my pumpkin leaves got hit with powdery mold so I pulled all the pumpkins and am going to destroy the vines, etc. How do I prevent this next year? I've read to water in the morning/early afternoon and use a soaker style hose so I'm only watering the base of the plants. This year I had a sprinkler set up and used it at dusk.
Is there anything else I can do.

Thanks so much!

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In the seed to seed book, which just yesterday I was looking up pumpkin crossing etc. So, I had that section marked. Anyway, Lumina pumpkins are a variety in the C. maxima group and butternuts are in the C. moschata group and from what I've read won't cross.

I always water from below, it helps from spreading viruses between plants. Esp. tomatoes don't like to be watered from above.

This is what it says in my "The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food."

Immediate Remedies
  • remove and destroy diseased plants or parts of plants
  • water from below
  • don't touch plants when wet, to avoid spreading disease
  • disinfect hands after working with diseased plants
  • disinfect tools between cuts
  • improve ventilation
There is more info in there, but its a lot so if you want to read the rest I would suggest borrowing it from the library. This is from page 312.

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