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Cross-post: Children after vasectomy

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[Note: I posted this on the dad forum earlier this week, but thought I would try here as well. The subject came up this morning as well and I think this is the direction we are heading. ]

I don't even know where to begin on this.

Recently, my dh approached me and asked what I thought of having another child. I told him that now that our son is older, it has been a thought that crossed my mind. We had talked on and off about this before, but most of that talk was casual. This time, he really is serious about another child.

The big problem is that he had a vasectomy when our son was about 2 1/2. At the time we had felt that one was one-derful and didn't think that we would want another child. Life was very very very chaotic at the time and it seemed like the best decision. Well, it was until October of that year. That was the first time he began to inquire about children. We had thought of adopting, but we don't think that will be an option for us for many reasons.

Have anyone tried to have children after having a vasectomy? I really would like guidance on the issue.

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Hi mirlee! I don't have any personal experience with this issue, but I know that my father-in-law had a vasectomy after their first two children were born and then had it reversed about 8 or 9 years later. My in-laws then had two more children (the last one being my husband!) within less than two years! That was 22 years ago. I'm sure the technology has changed a little since then and maybe the procedure is different now, but the whole reversal thing worked really well for them! I hope this helps a little! Good luck!
Thanks for the support, snowcherries! It came up on the drive home this evening. He even mentioned reversal. We'll see how it goes. He will probably make an appointment with a doctor this Summer. I should make one for myself and make sure I am all ready to go.
Yes, my husband had a reversal a year after his vasectomy. Our baby died after he had his vasectomy, and I couldn't figure out how to get over it without having another. We actually initially tried artificial insemination with donated sperm to save on expense and trauma, but the process totally stressed me out and we moved on to the reversal. (Not that the process was inherently stressful, I just worked myself into a state over it.) Our reversal was effective; I'm now pregnant, and got pregnant on my third cycle that we were able to try. However, reversals are quite expensive and a major surgery- I think it was like a 5 hour operation- it was decidedly not a fun process.

We chose to travel to an out-of-state center specializing in reversals. Many urologists will perform them, but we wanted to go to someone who'd done hundreds rather than, say, two like the local urologists had.

Please PM me if you want more info about our experience, because I might not remember to check this thread....
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