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The kid that I babysit has croup and I wanted to know if it is safe for me as a pregnant woman and my toddler who is unvax to go back and babysit, if he still has mild croup or even none at all even though he had it....
Any thoughts? Thanks!
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From what I understand about croup is that it only affects young children. Basically what happens is the child gets a respiratory infection, like a cold and their throat gets inflammed and it causes the barking cough. It doesn't have much to do with being vaxed although I suppose the flu may cause croup.
Depends on how healthy you two are. You could get it or not. It won't affect the unborn baby (most likely) but I can't say that you and your child won't come down with it (again).

Being unvaccinated, he has the best chance to fight it off quicker if he does get it. It is certainly to his benefit.
thank you for your responses. I think I am going to give my daughter a dosage of vit. c a couple of days before we leave to their house, just to be safe.

Personally i would give me and my child Sodium Ascorbate Powder for a few days before AND the whole time while being there. That would be good for the child that has the croup, too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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