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Crunching away....

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Excited to be here.
I've been looking for a new place to hang out with some like-minded mamas.

I'm an unschoolin', homebirthin', non-vaxin', bed-sharin', cloth-diaperin', tandem nursin' Mama of 4 (DS-8, DD-5, DS-almost 3, DD-9mos). My DH says I'm as crunchy as they come. I told him, "Nah. My babies wear diapers."
But we do live simply, recycle, eat organic, etc. as well as parent our children naturally with respect and love.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.
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Welcome to Mothering!!!

How did you find us ??

Do you get the mag?

Glad to have you !
I do read the mag but only at the bookstore. I'm too cheap to subscribe.
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Nice to meet ya!

This place is a great source of support and information! Glad you found us!!!
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Welcome to the boards!
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Originally Posted by Sherri S.
Welcome to MDC! You are going to fit right in!
Welcome. Crunchies will be seated over there on the left
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'm making myself at home....
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