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Crunchy female family practice doc Milwaukee area?

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Hi there,
My girlie's 2yr is coming up and I'm having a hard time finding a good female doc for her in the Milwaukee area.

We recently moved to Shorewood from the S.F. Bay area of California where I had GREAT female doc's open to alternative stuff & the most FABULOUS pediatrician who was very supportive of alt. medicine and no vax kids. I'm having a hard time finding a good practitioner for her and myself - whether it's the same person or seperate.

I really, really want someone not just open to alt. medicine but supportive of it (if possible!) and I'm just never as comfortable with Male doc's as I am with Women.

Right now we're established with Dr. Anthony Sweeney in Fox Point who will "do" if need be - but I really, really want a female if at all possible. Also, I worry he's not quite alternative enough for my girl - he seems to lean more towards traditional western medicine than alternative (the opposite of our great Doc in CA).

While still male, Dr Rosenberg is in the same building as Sweeney and is supposedly into alternative medicine, yet I've heard mixed reviews and commentary that his personality is too gruff.

I'd appreciate ANY and all info those of you in the area can provide.

PS - I know there is a great male Pedi in a suburb West of Milwaukee who is into anthroposophical medicine (Kamsler I think is the name), but he's wait listed over 200+ people, so I really doubt we'll get to see him anytime soon.

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You could check out Claudia Koch. She's a family practitioner. While she is medical, she is open to alternatives as well...she supports vax, but doesn't require and doesn't give you a hard time about not doing it.
Hello, Brand new here, but just wanted to chime in that Dr. Kamsler is worth the wait. And my friend (just had a Homebirth) tells me if you've just had a homebirth he'll take you right away!!

I started taking my kids there when my pede was pushing steroids for my kids all the time!

Dr. Kamsler isn't afraid to make use of western medicine, but makes me feel confident about my choice to seek alternitive remedies as our first line of defense!

And he's in Delafield which is only 8 min away from us!
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