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I am not entirely sure what to make of this. we moved a few weeks ago. before the move baby was going to sleep when I did-about midnight. and would wake to eat 2-3 times then we would get up at 9ish. we part time ec so when we got up a lot of the time she was still dry and we would both go to the potty together.

just before the move she started acting like she would prefer to go to bed around 10 or so. after the move she did start going to sleep about 10. that would be fine, especilly since it lets me have some time to myself before bed. however she has started crying at night. about 1 or 3am and then later like 6 or 7. I try to nurse her back to sleep, but she will only eat for a min then refuse to eat anymore and just wiggle and whimper and scream and cry. a lot of the time she wont even open her eyes until I get her out of bed. sometimes her diaper is wet. sometimes not. but if I take her to the bathroom she will almost always go.

so any thoughts on why she is doing this? or what I can do to help her (and me) have a more peaceful night?

My thoughts:
~could be that because she falls asleep earlier sometimes I will slip out so I can have some 'me time' or 'adult time with husband'. she could be haveing issues with being alone (even for a short time). if she wakes up alone I try to come to her as soon as I find out (which is quickly since I useually remain in the room she is in).
~perhaps its a full bladder? maybe this ec stuff is sinking in and she doesnt want to go in bed? (she has issues pooping in bed or out of the house it seems since she has done each just once)
~I have low supply (bfar). maybe my supply is diping at night/not keeping up with her and its making her hungrey and uncomfortable. but this doenst entirely make sence since if I wake her and go potty she seems to be ok afterward and isnt really hungrey-fussy.
~nightmare? if so what?

I need a chunk of sleep to be ok during the day. my husband also gets up early and gets little sleep on a good day. this sucks.
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