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CSA and organic foods in Pittsburgh

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I am looking for some help in buying affordable organic groceries. Does anyone participate in CSA for example Harvest Valley and how do you like it? I am wondering about how much fruit/veggies you get and what the variety is like...also are the pick-up times and places in the city convienent? Also...I used to shop at East End are the prices there now? Any other recommendations for stores in the Pittsburgh area?? (I live on the east side of the city and don't want to drive too far.)
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Welcome back!

We've had a CSA share with Kretschmann Farm for 6 years now and love it! It's all organic, and they drop off in the city (lots of spots in the east) so you don't have to drive out to the farm. You pick up between 3:30 and 7:30 pm from someone's porch or garage. The "small" share is enough for 4 adults, so we split it with friends. It's a milk crate packed very full most weeks, from early June to mid-Nov. Lots of salad greens, herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, apples, and squashes. You can arrange eggs and chickens through them too if you want.

We also adore the East End Co-op. Prices are pretty good, esp. the bulk section; their bulk organic raisins and oatmeal cost less than Giant Eagle store brand! Members get 2% off every day and 10% off on member day.

Giant Eagle is carrying a lot of organics now, even at their smaller urban stores that can't arrange a special organic section. We particularly like the Nature's Basket honey multigrain flakes cereal.

There's a new Big Lots in Homestead that (as of 10 days ago) has Tom's of Maine toothpaste, almost all of the flavors, at $1.89 for the big tube.
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thank you thank you....Kretschmann Farm was exactly what we were looking for....we just "signed up" today...sounds fantastic!
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Not sure if you're still looking for places to buy organic foods, but the East End is a great place to be! Trader Joe's (Penn Ave.) just went in down the street from Whole Foods (Centre Ave.), both of which are close to the East End Co-op. So just in case you weren't aware of either of those, I've found some good prices there as well!
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