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I was watching CSI, the episode where the comidian is killed, and I caught a great reference. The dead comedian got some... "lip service" from the bar tender chick; but with some cocaine on his penis. Catherine (the CSI) was confused and made the comment something to the effect, "coke is a numbing agent on the foreskin, or any skin for that matter." But she implied the guy was intact and that was normal. =) Just something silly. =)

Changing gears, the horrible show Dr. Phil did with the mom regretting allowing her son's circ... he has some debate type episodes. Has anyone considered trying to get on to "debate" him on this matter? Part of me would love to. Then I realize that he sets himself up to "win" so he either wouldn't let me because he knows he'd "lose" or he'd twist it so I couldn't make my point.
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