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CT midwife info?

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I have a friend who wants a homebirth and I'm trying to help them find someone they can afford.Unfortunatly the midwife that I am familiar with is charging 2600.00 and that is way out of their range.I have seen it mentioned on other boards that there are midwives in CT that work on a sliding scale.Does anyone know who it is and how to contact them? Or maybe someone who offers homebirth services a little cheaper?
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$2600 seems about the norm in CT, give or take a little. although i agree that it seems like a lot, you have to remember that attending births is how midwives make their living, you know? has your friend talked to this particular midwife about the possiblity of a reduced rate, bartering, or a long-term payment plan? do they have insurance? with the exception of HMO plans, most will reimburse about 70-80%.
here is a link to a list of homebirth midwives in the state...
my suggestion would be to call around and ask about the possibility of a sliding scale. personally, we can't really afford to pay out out that big hunk of money either, but we have family who is more then willing to help us out. is a loan from a family member a possibility for them?
hope that helps!
Thanks for the reply! I agree that the price is a steal for what you are getting.

The midwife that I refered her to actually does offer all of the options you suggested
The good news is they have insurance that is willing to cover the birth!Problem solved. A homebirth it is!
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