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Ctx in my back, not wrapping to front?

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Just curious. This is new to me. My last preg my ctx started in my back and wrapped to my front and then were gone. I also had the pressure in my bottom. I am having a bit of pressure in my bottom (babies position or ctx?) and I seem to be having mild ctx in my back but they are not wrapping around to the front. Any thoughts on this?
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With my first it didn't seem like they were in front much throughout labor. I'm sure they were, but it only hurt in the back. Hopefully things are getting going for you!
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Thank you. I hope so too. Full moon last night and thunderstorms all around me right now. Come on baby.
My contractios were only in back ... in my back my hips and my buttocks een down my legs ... I felt no pain whatsoever in my front...
if you suspect posterior or that baby is hitting the back of your pelvis, you can try a supported hands and knees position (tons of pillows or whatever to drape your front over, so there is no pressure on your belly and no work for your leg and arm muscles). I labored like that for a long while w/ my first when I was having "back labor" and it felt good. Wish I'd done it sooner- he was all bruised up across his forehead poor thing.
From what I can tell he is side ways. His feet are to the left when I look down and his butt is to the right.
i had mostly all back labor with dd
With ds1 I had back labour and being in the tub on hands and knees helped with counterpressure from doula or dh. With ds2 I also had back labour but wanted to lie on my side in bed with counterpressure from dh.
Well, these never were active labor contractions, but at 39w6d I was 5cm before labor started. They weren't for nothing.
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