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cucumber beetles

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are attacking my squash..........any suggestions on how to get rid of them?

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Put 1-2tbsp of dishsoap in a litre of water(spray bottle) & spray the plants & leaves. Make sure you get under the leaves. You can also put 3oz of garlic in 2 tsp of mineral oil & leave it for 24hours. Then straing it & add that to the dishsoap mixture. Planting marigolds is supposed to help, Neem oil might. Planting radishes with the plants can help
Does it matter if it is regular dish soap? We use the natural stuff so it's not petrolium based, I know for killing mosquitos it has to be the petrol based stuff.
From what I"ve read as long as it isn't antibacterial it is fine. It is just so it stays on the plants longer so keep the bugs away longer & if they eat it I believe it coats them inside so they can't eat anything else.
Also, plant some radishes in your cucumber hill and let them go. Worked for me. I didn't have any problems with my cucumbers last year.
Thanks for the responses. I didn't see any today in the garden so the dish soap seems ro be working.
Do you mean the kind that burrow into the stems at the dirt? I hate those freaking things. They kill kill kill. They ruined so much of all my squash-- butternut, lakota, pumpkin, zuke, just everything! They left some plants, but got most of them. I have been checking evey singe day for those beasts, and I also put aluminium foil around the bottom part of the stems. We may not be talking about the same critters, as they totally left the cucumbers alone and they were amazing. I never had such a great crop of cucumbers before.

I've found squash bores are hard to get rid of, too. I would go get some more plants, and do the aluminim foil. In fact, I have several squash plants I'm growing in pots to put in late July/early august, just in case.
They are the orange with black spots kind
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