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Cuddle Me Close?

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Does anyone know anything about this company? I signed up to be a diaper tester about 4 months ago and paid $10. I have heard NOTHING from the WAHM since July and still no diaper.
I have emailed her and tried posting to the yahoo group but heard nothing! I am beyond frustrated and upset. It's only $10, I know, but that could be used for another dipe, yk?

I should have known not to test her dipes since her initial "contract" is so strict. She even had in there that you cannot re-sell the tester. Is that even legal? I PAID for it, why can't I sell it??? Anyway, that's another rant for another day.

Has anyone heard of this company or know anything about the WAHM?
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Just curious where you originally heard about them. You could file a complaint with paypal to get your money back.
I think it has been WAAAAY too long to deal with PayPal. I paid back in June, I think. More than 30 days, at any rate. I found out about her when I was part of a yahoo group for testers.
Actually she can't tell you you can't sell the diaper, but she can ask that you make sure you make it clear it was a tester, or that you leave her name (brand name) off the diaper. I didn't do 'public' testers for my diapers until I knew they were pretty much done, however some WAHM's don't have a lot of friends that CD, or people they know that will test things.

The whole reason WAHM's do this is because you work hard for a reputation and it doesn't take long for one to get ruined, and a tester may not be representive of her finished product, so to be sold with her label on it after her product is ready, will maybe make someone think her diapers suck and yet they have changed a lot in the tester period? So that is the reason some WAHM's put conditions on the re-sale or listing of testers. However I was under the impression that if she is charging you for a tester, you have every right to re-sell it, and most cloth mamas would be honest enough to let the buyer know it was a tester.

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Originally posted by allformyboys
However I was under the impression that if she is charging you for a tester, you have every right to re-sell it, and most cloth mamas would be honest enough to let the buyer know it was a tester.

Yep, I agree. I don't think she can dictate what someone else can sell. And, actually, I have never sold a dipe I got as a tester, for personal reasons, but I don't think a WAHM can REQUIRE a tester not to, kwim? But, yes, if sold, it should be clearly stated that it was a tester.
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All I can say is that you are not the only one out of the money. But I did hear from someone that recieved the tester that it didnt fit and was too thick. I finally did recieve my money back after asking a few times.

When is the last time you heard from the WAHM? And, how many times did you have to ask before receiving your $$$ back?

Thanks! That gives me a small amt of hope at least.
Its been awhile since I have heard anything from her. I unsubbed from her yahoo group after I recieved my refund. Are you in any of the cd groups on yahoo? Theres a few people that know her on there and if you go on and ask about her maybe they can get her to respond. I think I had to ask about 3 or 4 times to get it back.
Good luck and I hate that your going through this! Im still waiting for money back from Laura (Justins Buttons) from way back in May! Im never getting it back either but I think about it every day!!!! ugh
Thanks. I guess I'll just keep trying.
For what it's worth, I had a lot of communication with Mischa last Spring. She had a baby in June & sent me a photo of the baby. Then she sent me an e-mail saying she was going on vacation for two weeks I think, that was early August. I was discussing some possible orders with her before that but never actually sent her any money, and I haven't heard any thing from her since that e-mail.
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I am fairly new here... I just wanted you to know that I also was supposed to be a tester for her and never received my diaper. I paid her back at the end of May (on a credit card of all things), and I have NEVER heard from her since. She posted her update in July or so, and then there was NO communication from her. I posted three xposts to her on the diapering board on PPDiapering but received NO word from her at all.

I also filed a mail fraud complaint, but haven't heard a thing from either side on that complaint.

So I just wanted to let you know that you aren't the only person who hasn't received a thing from her, communication or product wise. It has been a very frustrating experience.

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